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TS 360 rotation system, holder for 2″ filter and quick coupling

This adapter is a universal talent, it solves several challenges at once and that with only 19 mm length. Below are just a few of the possible applications. This rotation adapter was developed for you from practical experience, by hobby astronomers for hobby astronomers.
♦ Adaptation from M48x0.75 to T2 - this allows you to connect astro cameras with a T2 thread directly to the adapter and have the important M48x0.75 thread on the telescope side.
♦ 360 rotation - this allows you to determine the image section. When you clamp the adapter, it automatically centers itself through the tapered groove. Tilting is impossible.
♦ Quick release - you can disconnect the camera from the telescope in seconds, for example to change batteries. The cables from the camera do not get tangled, the tedious unscrewing is no longer necessary.
♦ 2″ filter holder - the connection adapter offers a 2″ filter thread. There is enough space in the adapter for all filter cells, even slightly higher
♦ Camera dust cover - the front connector can also remain on the camera and the filter protects the inside of the camera from dust.
♦ Only 19 mm short - so you can use the adapter with many correctors
♦ For the adapter we also offer connectors with other sizes, so that the rotation adapter can grow with your accessories.

Practical tip:

If you separate camera and telescope, for example because you want to use a different camera or telescope, one opening remains open. To prevent dust from entering, you can simply fit the corresponding counterpart of a second TSROTM48-T2 with a matching cover (linked in the accessories section) and use it as a cover for the opening.

Thread telescope side: M48x0.75 female thread length 3.5 mm
Thread camera side: T2 male thread length 5 mm
Filter thread: 2″ filter thread - female thread
Length of the adapter: 19 mm without male thread
Diameter of the adapter: 60 mm without knurled screws
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Rotation adapter - 2 piece

Uživatelská recenze - TS Optics Rotation Adapter, Filter Holder and Quick Coupling - M48 to T2 thread
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