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TS rotation, quick coupling and M48 transition for SC telescopes

The short adapter has been developed by Teleskop-Service from practical experience. It is suitable for all Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes and similar and fulfills several functions:
♦ Short transition from SC thread to M48x0.75 male thread for the use of accessories with the matching female thread, for example correctors or connection adapters for photography. The optically effective overall length is only 8.5 mm.
♦ 360 rotation - allowing you to always place the camera or visual accessory in the correct orientation for optimal framing or viewing position.
♦ Quick coupling - you can separate the accessory from the telescope in a few seconds without tedious screwing. The conical outer shape of the inner adapter always guarantees a perfect fit without tilting.

Practical tip:

If you separate camera and telescope, for example because you want to use a different camera or telescope, one opening remains open. To prevent dust from entering, you can simply fit the corresponding counterpart of a second TSROTSC-M48 with a matching cover (currently only for M48, linked in the accessories section) and use it as a cover for the opening.

Thread telescope side: 2″ SC female thread - length 7 mm
Thread camera side: M48x0.75 male thread - length 4 mm
Optically effective length of the adapter: 8.5 mm (without external thread)
Outer diameter: 74 mm without locking screws
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TS rotation adapter

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