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TS-Optics Tilter and Adapter from M68 to M54

Adjustment of image plane and sensor position
Many astrophotographers know the problem: You focus as good as possible and in one or two image corners the sharpness is still not satisfying. The result is a lazy compromise by changing the focus setting until the stars appear relatively evenly "sharp" or by simply cutting away the corner.
Some possible causes of this problem:
♦ a slight tilt of the camera sensor with respect to the focal plane (fractions of a millimeter already cause aberrations)
♦ a tilting of the focuser
♦ a slight tilting of the field plane of the telescope (very common with Newtonian telescopes)
♦ a tilting of the eyepiece side accessories during clamping
This is the solution:
With the TS-Tilter, you adjust the position of the camera sensor to the focal plane of the telescope, no matter where the cause of the tilt comes from. You must then maintain the orientation of all adapters, correctors, and the camera.
The adjustment is made with allen screws.

Connection on the telescope side: M68 female thread
camera-side connection: M54 male thread
Height: 9 mm
Spacing from male thread to screws: 11 mm
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