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TS-Optics M48 Tilter - tilting compensator

Alignment of focal plane and camera sensor orientation
Many astro photographers know the problem: one focuses as precisely as possible but in one or two corners, the stars are not pinpoints. Often, the result is a compromise by "tricking" the focus to a point where most of the image field has the best focus possible or cropping the image.
Some possible causes of this problem:
♦ a tilted camera sensor (fragments of a millimetre are enough)
♦ a tilted focuser
♦ a tilted focal plane of the telescope (common at Newtonian telescopes)
♦ tilted optical accessories by unprecise clamping
This is the solution:
With the TS M48 Tilter, the camera´s sensor is aligned with the focal plane no matter what causes the tilt. You just have to keep the orientation of the complete accessory train.
The adjustment is done by knurled screws, it can be done quickly and prevents losing tools.

Diameter: 88 mm
Interface: M48 - each side
Height: 11 mm without the M48 male/male adapter
Height with M48 male/male adapter: 13 mm
Adjustment: By knurled screws
Obsah balení:
Tilting compensator
M48-M48 adapter (male-male)

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