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  • TS Optics T2 Thread 360° Rotation and Quick Changer - 5,5mm short  
  • TS Optics T2 Thread 360° Rotation and Quick Changer - 5,5mm short

    • Číslo produktu: TST2Rot
    • Výrobce: TS Optics

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TS short Quick Coupling and T2 Rotation for the T2 Thread

This adapter is a real problem solver for astrophotography, but also for observation. Thanks to its short design, the TST2Rot can be integrated into almost any adapter system. The most important application areas of the TST2Rot are:
360 rotation for adjusting the field of view of the camera:
The adapter allows you to rotate the camera without losing focus. This allows you to optimally position the nebula or galaxies even with a threaded camera mount. Or you can align your camera exactly to the coordinates, especially helpful for comparing lunar or solar images, but also for moving the telescope to another detail.
This function is especially helpful for afocal eyepiece projection with the Baader Hyperion Zoom, because you also rotate the camera when changing the eyepiece focal length. If the eyepiece is connected to the telescope via barrel, it can be rotated in the focuser, but not with a screw mount. In this case, TST2Red brings back the desired orientation.
Quick removal of the camera from the telescope:
The quick-release coupling allows the camera to be removed quickly without threading which could cause the hassle of tangling the cables. For example, you can change the batteries of the camera within a very short time and maintain the focus position. All cables can remain connected to the camera.
Easier finding of the guide star when autoguiding:
Rotate the autoguider to find a suitable guide star in the field more easily.

Practical tips:

First*:] If you separate camera and telescope, for example because you want to use a different camera or telescope, one opening remains open. To prevent dust from entering, you can simply fit the corresponding counterpart of a second TST2Rot with a matching cover (linked in the accessories section) and use it as a cover for the opening.
[*Second: With some accessories, it can happen that their contact surfaces do not go completely up to the respective contact surfaces of the rotation adapter, so you get more path than the specified 5.5 mm. For distance-critical applications such as coma correctors, it is better to measure with a caliper gauge.
An example: Adaptation of a coma corrector (55 mm working distance) with M48 thread to a planetary camera from ZWO (12.5 mm flange focal length) with T2 thread. This means that 42.5 mm path is required. According to the caliper, this was achieved with TSM48-T2L, TST2rot, T2Abstimmring03 and TST2V30, "official" path 41.8 mm.

Telescope side thread: T2 female thread M42x0.75
Camera-side thread: T2 external thread
Overall height: only 5.5 mm (without the T2 external thread)
Length of the two T2 threads: 4 mm each
Outer diameter: 67 mm
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TS Rotation adapter

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