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  • Omegon 2″ projection adapter with T2 connection

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    • Výrobce: Omegon

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Variable eyepiece projection adaptor for large 1,25″ eyepieces - 2″ telescope adaptation

The Deluxe Projection Adaptor is a particularly high quality solution for all telescopes with 2″ focuser.
It accepts most eyepieces with 1,25″ barrel, including medium sized eyepieces that would not fit into a regular projection adaptor. Examples of this would be 32mm Super Plossls or 1,25″ WA eyepieces.
The VPA2 is a modular adaptor. Each of its individual parts can be very valuable on its own! (See below)

Advantages of the TS VPA 2:

  • You can use almost all 1,25″ eyepieces, in particular those with a slightly larger body than normal.
  • The T2 adaptation can be extended for fine-tuning of the projection distance. A larger distance translates into a stronger zoom factor.
  • The eyepiece can be locked with two locking screws that tighten a compression ring.
  • The individual components of this adaptor have a lot of additional applications.

Possible adapters:

  • Adaptor from 2″ to 1,25″ with integrated T2 thread and compression ring
  • Adaptor from T2 to 2″ with compression ring. Allows you to attach 2″ accessories to adaptors with T2 thread
  • Adaptor from 2″ to T2 - prime focus adaptorfor adaptation of T2 accessories to 2″ focusers

Info: The adapter is supplied with a thumbscrew, allowing you to use the compression ring. There is also another thread available which you can use for an optional second screw. This is not included in delivery however.

Connection (to the telescope) 2″
Connector (at camera end) T2
Optical length(mm) 53
Type Adaptors
Type of build Camera adaptor
Overall size LxWxH(mm) 62x62x92


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