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  • Filter Wheel TS Optics for 5x 1,25″ filters - T2 and 1,25″ connection

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TS Filter wheel for 5x 1,25″ filters - short back focus - with T2 and 1,25″ adaptation

For fast and secure filter change - optimal for astro imaging and visual observation. The TS filter wheel (5x 1,25″) is suitable for both visual observation and imaging. It features a solid aluminium body. Even with heavier cameras or eyepieces, there´s no bending or tilting. Every filter position is mechanically indexed.

Advantages at a glance:

♦ filters are kept safely against dust and scratches
♦ filter change within a second without touching the camera or other parts of the setup
♦ versatile T2 thread on the telescope side and both T2 and 1,25″ receptacles on the camera/eyepiece side
♦ easy to equip with filters
♦ absolutely (stray-)lightproof
♦ solid design - completely machined metal

Eyepiece side connection / fields of use:

Visual use: The filter wheel accepts all 1,25″ eyepieces and can therefore be used directly for visual observation. Equip it e.g. with color filters and see different filter effects directly on the planets. Or use UHC, [O III] and H-beta filters for deep-sky observation and you have immediately the correct filter for planetary nebulae, other nebulae and general observation.

Astro imaging: The TS filter wheel comes with T2 connection allowing a solid screwed solution within your imaging train. A counter ring allows fine back focus adjustments when a corrector is used. From the T2 thread, we offer all adaptations to other systems. Equipping the wheel is easy and straightforward: Loosen both screws on the non-labelled side and the central Philips screw. Now you can lift off the upper part and easily screw in the filters. The re-attache the upper part and the filter wheel is ready for use again.

pTelescope side connectionp: T2 (M42x0.75) female
pCamera/eyepiece side connectionp: T2 female, T2 male, 1,25″ receptacle
pBody back focusp: 22.7 mm
pT2 adapter back focusp: 5...7 mm
pMaximum height of the filter cell (without thread)p: 9 mm

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