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  • Filter Holder TS Optics for mounted low profile 2″ Filters for TS Filter Quick Changers

    • Číslo produktu: TSSCHUB2
    • Výrobce: TS Optics

    Cena s DPH: 850,-
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TS Filter Drawer for 2″ filters

Additional filter drawer for the TS filter quick changer allow for changing between different filters within seconds. There is no limit to the number of different filters you can use and it is even possible to mix 1,25″ and 2″ drawers if needed! Thus you can use any filter combination photographically or visually.

The filter drawer is suitable for all 2″ filters, especially for filters with a "low-profile" filter cell up to 6.5 mm height. The 2″ filter thread is not taken into account.

Practical advice from Teleskop-Service:

We recommend one drawer for each filter. Interchanging of filters during by screwing while photographing or observing is rather unfunctional.

The drawer is only slightly larger than the filter. You almost cannot get access to it with your fingers. The solution:

♦ Take a 2″ barrel (from an eyepiece or an adapter).
♦ Attach it to the filter by using a bit of adhesive tape. The male M48 thread has to remain uncovered.
♦ Now screw the filter carefully into the drawer. The 2″ barrel serves as grip extension.


Suitable for: current TS filter quick changer (not TSFEK2 or TSFEK48)
Female thread: M48x0.75 for mounted 2″ filters
Length of the female thread: 4 mm
Distance upper surface to the female thread: 7 mm - suitable for filter cells up to 6.5 mm

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