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  • Helical výtah TS Optics (M48)  
  • Helical výtah TS Optics (M48)

    • Číslo produktu: TSHeli-M48
    • Výrobce: TS Optics

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TS Non-Rotating Helical Focuser with M48 threads for precise adjustment

We have been looking for a short helical focuser for a long time, which can also carry the weight of a DSLR or system camera and allows exact focusing. We found what we were looking for in the photo sector. Now we can offer you this photographic helical focuser for the connection to your telescope.

The connection to your telescope or lens:

The focuser has a female M48 (M48x0.75) thread on the telescope side. With suitable intermediate adapters, you can attach the focuser to almost all telescopes. Many telescopes already come with an M48 photo mount. With this helical focuser, you can then focus very precisely, to the fraction of a millimeter.

The connection of accessories to the helical focuser:

Equally flexible is the camera-side or eyepiece-side M48 male thread. We offer adapters to 2″, 1,25″ or T2 or of course to many camera mounts. So you can connect your system camera, SLR, astro camera or even the autoguider.


Thread telescope side: M48x0.75 female thread
Thread camera side: M48x0,75 male thread
Length: 24-55 mm
Design: Non-rotating helical focuser
Outer diameter: 67 mm

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