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  • Helical výtah TS Optics 1,25″ (M54)  
  • Helical výtah TS Optics 1,25″ (M54)

    • Číslo produktu: TSHeliM54
    • Výrobce: TS Optics

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TS-Optics Micro Helical focuser with adjustment scale

The focuser fits all adapters and focusers with the M 54x0.75 female thread on the eyepiece side. A sensitive mechanism allows the focus to be set just as accurately as with a manual camera lens.

On the eyepiece or camera side, a T2 male thread (M42x0.75) and a 1,25″ receptacle are available. There you can connect eyepieces, projection adapters or cameras.

When the focus point is reached, the position can be fixed with a knurled screw. This prevents unintentional adjustment.


Principle: Non-rotating helical focuser
Connection telescope side: M54x0.75 external thread - length 5 mm
Connection camera side: T2 external thread and 1,25″ receptacle
Minimum length of the extension: 74.5 mm
Focuser travel: 11 mm

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