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  • Okulárový výtah TS Optics PHOTOLINE 2,5″ rack-and-pinion focuser

    • Číslo produktu: RPA25-S
    • Výrobce: TS Optics
    • Váha dodávky: 1.3 kg

    Cena s DPH: 9 145,-
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Telescope-Service has been shipping telescopes for amateur astronomers and astrophotographers for years now. Our goal is to equip these telescopes with first-class focusers, for a reasonable price. Our 2.5" RPA focuser is an alternative with a quality that can be found in the upper range. Many of our TS-Optics PHOTOLINE Apo refractors are equipped with this focuser.

The Rack and Pinion drive system:
A Crayford focuser operates with contact pressure. The pressure of the shaft stresses the ball bearings and also reduces the sensitivity of the adjustment. The bearing of the RPA focuser is also done by ball bearings, but the adjustment by a rack is decoupled. The advantage is that the bearing can be optimized, maximum stiffness is the result. Even at maximum load, the adjustment is very sensitive and jerk-free.
The clamping of the focuser position has also been optimized. No clamping screw simply presses on the focuser tube, but the position of the adjustment is fixed. This ensures that the focus position is held 100%.

Self-centering 2″ and 1,25″ adapters
A good force fit is also necessary when clamping 2″ and 1,25″ accessories. Simple clamping screws would cause tilting. The clamping of the PHOTOLINE RPA focuser takes place centrically by evenly encompassing the complete 1,25″ or 2″ barrel.
The adaptation of the focuser to the telescope.
The outer diameter of the focuser tapers to 79 mm on the telescope side. Suitable telescope adapters must therefore have an inner diameter of 79.1 mm. In addition, the port provides a groove 5 mm from the stop, which is ideal for clamping. We therefore recommend that connection adapters be fastened 5 mm from the stop edge (thread center). Ideal would be the fastening with M5 or M6 screws.

focuser: 2.5" rack and pinion focuser
Minimum length without 1,25″ reducer: 94 mm
Adjustment travel: 92 mm
Outer diameter of focuser tube: 70 mm (inner diameter approx. 62 mm)
Telescope side connection: flange with 79 mm diameter and 20 mm length with additional internal groove
Reduction: Micro reduction
Eyepiece side connections: M63x1 female, M68x1 female, 2″, 1,25″
Payload: up to 5 kg
Weight: 1.3 kg
Obsah balení:
RPA PHOTOLINE 2.5" focuser
Telescope thread adapter with 360 rotation
Reduction adapter from M68 to 2″ - self centering
Adapter from 2″ to 1,25″ - self centering

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