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  • GSO 50mm extension tube for RC focusers (6"-8")

    • Číslo produktu: GSRCV50
    • Výrobce: GSO
    • Váha dodávky: 0.2 kg

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RC Telescopes by GSO have a long back focus making this system ideal for the use of off-axis-guiders and / or focal reducers. But in standard use, the long back focus may have problematic side effects: In many applications, the focuser must be extended totally and it still needs extension then. This is neither optically nor mechanically a recommendable solution.

The GSO extension tubes are placed between telescope and focuser
The advantages of this solution can bee seen clearly: The focuser is always in an optimal position and needs no further extesion with a sometimes problematic lever arm. The free aperture is significantly larger.

Technical details:

-- Extension tube suitable for Officina Stellare and GSO RCs from 6"-8" aperture (DeltaOptical, Binorum etc)
-- M90x1 threads (female on telescope and male on camera side)
-- Optical length: 50mm

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