Dovetail clamp - Vixen GP standard

  • Výrobce: Teleskop-Service
  • Model: Dovetail clamp - Vixen GP standard
  • Číslo produktu: PrismenklemmeS
  • Váha dodávky: 0.1 kg
Záruka vrácení peněz 30 dnů

Naše cena: 1220 Kč s DPH
1-2 týdny

Rigid dovetail clamp that fits to all dovetail rails with Vixen GP connectivity. It has similar measuerments as the GP/EQ mounts.

This dovetail clamp enables you to connect GP prism rails to mounts or other bases without this standard, e.g. the GiRo mount or self-engineered systems with flat mounting base.

Technical details:

-- Dovetail clamp, fitting to all Vixen GP standard dovetail rails
-- Flat mounting base with two bores for screws (35 mm distance).
-- Additional 1/4" photo thread in the middle (e.g. to mount it on photo tripods).